Fortis BC Rebates for Energy Efficient New Homes (The BC Step Code Saves You Money)

Our advanced technology of air sealing can save you money on energy bills- and get you a great Fortis BC Rebate- all at once.
No really, it does. Ok AeroBarrier surpasses the immediate and long-term energy efficiency of traditional air sealing methods when building new homes in the Okanagan. Advancing your home within the energy efficiency focused BC Step Code means major savings for you as a new homeowner, with instant rebates from Fortis BC and residual savings through decreased utility bills.

The BC Step Code & Fortis BC Rebates

The BC Step Code was developed to set an energy performance standard for the New Home Program. In other words, it defines a certain set of parameters that new home builders and new homeowners can adopt to surpass the level of energy efficiency dictated by the basics of a building code.

What is the New Home Program?

New homes built with high energy efficiency than the minimum required can qualify for rebates through Fortis BC; different levels of efficiency upgrades earn extra dollars in your pocket.
The New Home Program has been in motion since 2018. The program was designed in conjunction with the BC Step Code, with the vision of:
New homeowners enjoying lower energy bills
Advance new construction in terms of energy use reduction and efficiency
Create more healthy, durable homes through energy efficiency

What Fortis BC Rebates are Available?

A full list of available levels and applicable rebates can be found here. Home performance rebates can range from $1000 – $8000 depending on how green and clean you build your new home.
How Energy Efficiency Saves You Money
Energy efficient homes aren’t exactly a new trend, but the year of 2019 built solid, sustainable trends in energy efficiency that show no sign of slowing down. Energy Central, a network of professionals working in the energy efficiency sector, noted major trends developed over 2019 and homeowners initiatives to adopt greener home processes.
Not surprisingly, the biggest driver behind becoming a little more energy friendly in households across Canada was saving money.
Home performance rebates are not the only way adopting green initiatives can help line your pockets. Adopting energy efficient processes within the construction phase of your new home contributes to long term savings on energy bills.
(Common rebates, or money savers are energy efficient washing machines, fridges, heat pump heaters etc.)
But ahead of the curve, sealing building envelope air leaks- or air sealing- can add up to major savings through stopping heat loss, reducing air leakage and reducing pollution coming into your home.

What is Air Sealing?

There are many traditional methods of air sealing, but most fall short when considering substantial energy efficiency and green money saving tactics within the home.

A standalone technology within this industry, AeroBarrier is a cutting edge envelope sealing system that simultaneously measures and seals building envelope air leaks. Applied to a homes entire interior, AeroBarrier acts as an air sealing system that seals all leaks, holes and crevicies up to ½”. By applying pressure to a specific building area, the sealant is applied and sprayed into the pressurized area. The sealent doesn’t pack the gap; rather,it accumulates across the surface of leaks to the edges of both visible and invisible leaks. In essence, it’s “self-guided.” The money saving part of AeroBarrier lies in the sealents ability to achieve maximum air tightness, in minimum time and without costly delays.

The result? Less heat escapes and air leakage is reduced to only the minimum standard for a healthy home- and a healthy wallet.

OK AeroBarrier Air Sealing & Fortis BC Rebates

When we say AeroBarrier is ahead of the curve, it really is. The demands for energy efficient homes, particularly at the government level, place this kind of technology at the forefront for future mandatory practices when building new homes.

Since air sealing is such an incredible contribution to energy efficiency, air sealing with Okanagan Aero Barrier can land you rebates of $2000 up to $8000, depending on how far you go with the seal in your home.

New home builders are currently required to at least adopt “Level 1” (learn more about the levels here) when building new homes, indicating the base requirement for energy efficiency. To qualify for the next level of rebate, your home must be 10% more energy efficient. Higher levels of energy efficiency are well underway to becoming mandatory within new home construction- which lessens the rebate you can earn from adopting ahead of the curve green technology.

The time to save your max amount of money is really- well, now. Air sealing with Okanagan AeroBarrier is an investment that you see an immediate financial benefit from; adopting advanced technology at this stage of the energy game lands you with a sizeable Fortis BC Rebate. Your residual savings though- decreased monthly utility bills- is the #1 way advanced air sealing technology can really line your pockets over the lifetime of your owning your home.

Fortis BC Rebates are available to both homeowners and new home builders in the Okanagan- (double benefit: we love.)

What we love even more? Money back and lower utility bills. If you do too, a chat with Ok AeroBarrier is probably worth it.

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