How to Choose an Aerobarrier Company

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How to Choose an Aerobarrier Company

Aerobarrier revolutionized the building air sealing industry with its advanced features and quicker turnaround.

It deviates from the traditional technique by eliminating the need for sealing by hand. It seals an entire house or building floor in one day, eliminating the work time and need for manual labor. 

How Aerobarrier Works

Step 1. A blower door test is performed to determine the leakiness of a room or house.

Step 2. Building preparation commences by covering the windows, exhaust fans, exhausts, and exposed large gaps in the building envelope. 

Step 3. The contractor sets up the Aerobarrier control unit and the nozzles. 

Step 4. The sealing process begins by excreting the Aerobarrier sealant through nozzles, producing a mist. The mist finds its way through the cracks and gaps. The sealant collects on the edges of the gaps, effectively sealing them.

Step 5. Once the process is complete, the contractor removes the protective coating and records the result in the form of a sealing certificate. 

Why It Stands Out

Aerobarrier is in a league of its own because of its swift completion and reliable result. It effectively seals a house or building and is versatile enough to be applied to an existing structure or new construction.

Unlike conventional air sealing, it doesn’t require the tearing of the walls. The only drawback is that not all contractors are qualified to apply Aerobarrier, so extra effort is needed to find a legitimate Aerobarrier company. 

Choose a Aerobarrier Contractor

The search for an Aerobarrier company isn’t as straightforward as hiring an HVAC contractor.

Since there are only a few building contractors with the qualification (and equipment), it means you can focus on a few prospects. In short, to choose an aerobarrier company only takes doing a bit of research.

However, don’t just hire the first contractor you come across. Even with a small number of contractors, it should be enough to compare.

Meet Air Sealing Demands

Choose an Aerobarrier company that understands the importance of meeting existing air sealing demands.

The International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) updates its energy conservation standards every three years. So, if the country or state where you live adopts the new standards, the Aerobarrier contractor should be the first to know about it. 

The increasingly strict standards will affect constructing a new building if the traditional air sealing method is used. Ask a prospective Aerobarrier company if they’re well-equipped and ready to respond to a sudden change in energy conservation standards. 

Check for Legitimate Services

When choosing an Aerobarrier company, it wouldn’t hurt if you dig deeper than you usually do when hiring a home improvement contractor. Some contractors lie about their qualifications.

They’d tell you that they’ve used Aerobarrier air sealing previously. In reality, they just outsource the work to another contractor.

While you may think that it’s okay, you’ll end up paying a premium when you don’t have to. Ask them for any proof of offering Aerobarrier services in the past. If they refuse or can’t show any, move on to the next prospect. 

No to Demolition

You know you’re talking to a legitimate Aerobarrier company when they offer an air sealing solution to your existing home or building without demolishing it.

Back in the day, homes with too many leakage sites were irreparable. The only option was to tear down the walls or demolish everything.

This is where Aerobarrier stands out. With a knowledgeable and experienced contractor, your old house or building with multiple leakages can still achieve an increased level of airtightness without any damage.

The process bears similarity to that of painting a room using a spray mechanism. The only inconvenience is the need to move the furniture and cover the windows. 

Equipment Over Labor

Aerobarrier technology works to streamline the traditional air sealing process. It eliminates the usual guesswork associated with manual labor.

Unlike hand sealing, it can be done in both existing and new home construction. So, when you talk to a prospective contractor who offers Aerobarrier application, inquire about the number of people expected to carry the job out. 

The technology gets rid of the usual inconsistencies of manual air sealing. In other words, it doesn’t need a lot of hands to do the job. If a contractor includes a high labor cost on their estimate, you have a reason to be wary. 

Choose a crew that’s always looking for ways to innovate. Some builders and contractors aren’t willing to accept industry changes.

They’ll most likely persuade you to turn your back on Aerobarrier and stick to the old air sealing method. 

If possible, educate yourself on how Aerobarrier works, including the equipment and materials used to fulfill the job. This way, you arm yourself with enough information as you start weighing on your prospects.

Don’t assume that all contractors you meet are honest and trustworthy. It’ll be hard for them to rip you off when you know how this technology benefits you. 


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