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Can AeroBarrier Save You Money On Your Next Renovation? Aerobarrier is a revolutionary system that seals building envelope leaks using a method that’s never been done before. Its efficacy allows it to seal a leak up to half an inch in diameter – aerosol spray is used to distribute and inject the waterborne sealant into […]

How Does Air Leak From Your Home? Most people ignore air leaks until winter comes. It’s the time of the year when the residents feel the effects more than any other month. The most common leaks are those “drafts” in the doors and windows, but they’re not the biggest culprits of wasted energy. That title

Is It Worth Sealing Your Home With AeroBarrier No matter how old or new your building is, it can fall victim to leaky envelopes. In other words, air seal continues to be a challenge to face to optimize the energy footprint. Air infiltrates the tiniest gaps on the roof, subfloor, exterior doors, walls, and other

What Type Of Building Does AeroBarrier Work In? Aerobarrier is a versatile technology that seals up leaks by up to 90%, saving you time and money both during the construction process and the daily running of the building. The energy savings of a properly sealed building is a no-brainer – but what type of building

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Air leaks in buildings and living spaces result in a year-round increase in both heating and cooling costs. Unintended air infiltration is a result of a variety of factors, but it is mainly caused by the building envelope being air permeable. With the AeroBarrier Technology, you will easily prevent them all. Building envelope refers to

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How to Choose an Aerobarrier Company Aerobarrier revolutionized the building air sealing industry with its advanced features and quicker turnaround. It deviates from the traditional technique by eliminating the need for sealing by hand. It seals an entire house or building floor in one day, eliminating the work time and need for manual labor.  How

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