How AeroBarrier Works with Passive Housing

passive housing

In this blog post we will discuss how AeroBarrier can help seal passive houses, making them even more airtight.

When it comes to house construction, people have come up with innovations that provide homeowners with comfort, safety, and efficiency. The AeroBarrier technology is one of those advancements. The University of California developed AeroBarrier Technology over a four-year period.

The AeroBarrier system seals air using a water-based liquid sealing. It is instrumental for single and multi-family projects targeting the performance requirements of LEED, ZERH, Passive House, and the 2015 IECC. AeroBarrier is GREENGUARD Gold certified, meaning it contains no harmful or toxic chemicals, making it perfect for most family homes.

What is AeroBarrier?

Air filtration is a constant balance to make a house or building energy efficient. Even if a house is new construction, it may have plenty of places where there are cracks, penetration and places where air can leave the building and cold and polluted air can come in.

But what if we seal all the cracks holes of the house? It can be a game changer to heat efficiency. It will keep the house warm, safe, healthy, and comfortable with a minimal external energy.

If you are looking for a way to keep your home energy efficient, AeroBarrier is the best investment you can make to protect your house and family. It is an affordable airtightness application that will help in reducing the leakage in house. It will automatically increase the durability of your property and will improve the energy efficiency.

How AeroBarrier Works with Passive Housing

You will be amazed to know that it will not only control the air passage but, the transfer of sound and smell too. This will improve the comfort and peace in the house. Most importantly, the air quality will lead to a better living environment for the homeowner and his family.

AeroBarrier is an automized waterborne acrylic in a passive house works by sealing the house completely with pressure to protect it from the leakage of air in house. It works by infusing the atmosphere inside a partly constructed home with a specially developed sealant.

The passive house will maintain its own energy according to climate without any heating or cooling system. Passive buildings are completely airtight and a low volume of fresh air get transferred into the living and working area while the stale air gets exhausted from the service space. This provides balanced, controlled ventilation with high efficiency heat exchange.

The aero barrier system has two main lines for air exchange, one for getting the fresh outside air in and the another one for the exhausting of dirty indoor air. Through the red line dirty air is removed and through the blue line fresh air is consumed.

The fresh air is transferred after filtration of pollutants and pollens in air. It then gets transferred to the bedroom and living room and the dirty air is removed through toilets and kitchen.

How an Aerobarrier Works?

The process of aero barrier’s function follows this four main steps:

Step-1 Preparation and set up

The mobile or portable equipment in the construction site includes compressor, generator, blower door, emitters, hoses and the aero barrier machine itself.

AeroBarrier machine is a computer-controlled device that monitors the application of the sealant itself. Emitters are set up to seal the area to maximize the application.

The areas of house that will not receive the AeroBarrier technology, such as the openings and windows helps to delimit the sealing-receiving areas. They will leave the exposed lines of intersection where two surfaces meet and conceivably permit the exchange of indoor and outdoor air.

Step-2 Pressurize and apply

To make a passive housing project, the space is pressurized with a blower door, that helps in two ways. First to measure the pre application leakage of air in the house. Second, it set ups the small currents of air towards those leaks that helps to direct the AeroBarrier sealant.

Step-3 Seal and monitor

The rest process of controlling temperature, pressure, humidity and distribution of sealant needs the help of AeroBarrier computer system. The builder then can dial in their desired building envelope performance as the blower door allows the system to get real time readings.

In addition, technicians perform a final blower door test to verify the sealing results. It helps to view the progress and results in real time. The air infiltration goes outside and then you manage to input the fresh air with the help of a controlled device of control.

Step-4 Clean up

After completion of work, clean up of all equipment and removal of all tape and coverings can occur.
Advantages of Aerobarrier in passive housing:

Passive housing projects are a construction concept that has grown in popularity in the last ten years. It is a building that is truly energy efficient, comfortable, affordable and ecological. This concept aligns perfectly with AeroBarrier.

The air tightening in a house will seal all the cracks and penetration on the inside surface of ceiling, wall, and floor. Some of the ways AeroBarrier can help passive houses:

  • It reduced the mechanical load
  • Helps in building health
  • It improves comfort
  • Enhanced durability of house
  • Easy to achieve passive house
  • Easy to achieve energy code requirements
  • Labour-cost reduction
  • Helps keep out bugs and rodents

Final words:

We all know that staying healthy is a challenge today. The two important things we consume inside our body are the reasons for our overall health, first is food and the other is air.

Nowadays, food and air are not so naturally healthy that we are getting. We can control or monitor the food before consume but, what about air? Well, now we can also monitor and filter the air we breathe with the help of technology.

AeroBarrier is the application that most builders prefer while constructing a house or building. It helps to seal all the leakages and spaces that can bring in the outdoor cool and polluted air. It is an affordable and safe application to install in your house.

You can easily control it through devices and monitor the air that is inserting and eliminating of your house. The advantages will surely amaze you and will influence to install it in your house and enjoy the benefits of it.

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