Air Sealing is a Game Changer for Construction


Air Sealing is a Game Changer for Construction

Air sealing and construction are a dream team that change the game for good for your residential or commercial structure. Buildings that leak air is uncomfortable, inefficient, and even unhealthy for the residents. this the reason why air sealing and construction have become into an essential component of building or renovating a residential or commercial structure.

But the problem with a conventional air seal is that it takes too long to finish and requires intensive labour. It’ll take several days even for an experienced contractor to get it done.

A leaky building or house forces the heating the cooling equipment to work harder. An overworked system uses more energy (fuel) to keep up with the demand for a comfortable indoor environment. It also reduces your HVAC’s life expectancy. It makes sense to address air leakage immediately.

Property owners can evaluate air leakage without an expert’s help through a blower door test. But applying a solution is a different ballgame. Identifying the individual air leaks and sealing each one takes time and quite arduous.


Air Sealing and Construction = A Dream Team

You still may end up with a botched or spotty job even after putting all the effort. Know that air leaks aren’t exclusive to those gaps in the doors and windows. They also exist in these areas:

  • Kitchen soffits
  • Utility chase
  • Flooring and baseboard cracks
  • Plumbing trap holes
  • Basement rim joists
  • Fireplace surrounds
  • Plumbing vent pipe penetration
  • Cracks in the drywall

The thought of having to find the leaks is depressing enough, but you don’t have to stick with convention. There’s a modern air sealing solution that’s taking the construction industry by storm: AeroBarrier.

The AeroBarrier Solution is not another contractor. It is a patented technology which effectively seals cracks and holes in half the time.

The breakthrough envelope sealing mechanism pressurizes a building before applying an aerosol fog-like substance to the room. Leaks are the alpha and omega of the solution: As the air finds its way through them, they are the perfect spot to fill them with the sealant.


What Makes AeroBarrier a Revolutionary Solution?

Unlike traditional air sealing methods, AeroBarrier uses a computer-controlled system with an improved guidance mechanism. No wonder why residential and commercial builders prefer it: It cuts the application time in more than half the usual time.

When uses in construction or remodelling, AeroBarrier is best-applied post-drywall or after rough-in. However, air sealing and construction keep the same principle: Fixing cracks and leaks.

AeroBarrier uses a waterborne acrylic material with a low volatile organic compound makeup, making it completely safe. The entire process takes about four hours for a standard residential property, and the price ranges from $0.70 to $4.00 per square foot.

It’s slightly pricier than traditional air sealing, but you’ll figure out later in our discussion of the step-by-step process why it’s the best available option.


How AeroBarrier Works

Should you choose to build or renovate your property with AeroBarrier technology, then familiarize yourself with the process. As this technology is relatively new, not all builders and contractors only few count on the equipment and expertise to carry it on.

AeroBarrier requires a set of equipment for its successful application. The list includes a blower door, compressor, generator, emitters, hoses, and the AeroBarrier machine. Get ready and wait a trailer: AeroBarrier will show up with a lot of heavy stuff to carry.

The contractor prepares the house or building by taping the areas that won’t be included in the envelope sealing. Since the sealant is almost microscopic (about a micron), there’s no worry about accumulating in one area. Nonetheless, horizontal surfaces still must be protected once they’re finished.

Pressurization of the area is made possible with the blower door. It’s the same concept used in the standard blower door test; only this time, AeroBarrier does it in reverse to pressurize instead of depressurizing. The purpose is to force air in to maximize the pressure inside the living area.

As soon as the space is pressurized, the sprayers emit the sealant. Once the sealant is airborne, it finds its way to the leaky areas through a self-guiding mechanism. It creates a seal by accumulating across the surface of the leaks.

This is contrary to the conventional air sealing technique, where the seal is created by packing the gap. The most significant perk of AeroBarrier envelope sealing is that it dries in a matter of hours, not days.


Experts Recommend It and Here’s Why

Most experts agree that AeroBarrier is a game-changer in the construction and home renovation industry. This is especially true in projects where air sealing efficiency is a priority. Home improvement contractors highly recommend AeroBarrier in addressing leaks in old homes as it doesn’t require tearing off the structure.

Finally, multiple studies have shown that AeroBarrier reduces ACH50 to minimal levels. It can achieve a tightness level of 1.09 ACH50, which is way below the industry requirement of 5 ACH50. It bodes well with the International Energy Conservation’s strict requirements for building ACH around 3 to 5. AeroBarrier is not just about making a building energy-efficient; it also significantly decreases carbon footprint.

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