BC Energy Step Code

The Bc Energy Step Code demands that effective immediately, municipalities throughout British Columbia will be mandating strict requirements for airtightness. Are you ready for this?

What does this mean for new home builders?

The Code speaks to new levels of energy efficiency within our homes. New home builders- you must test your homes for airtightness. This is a stepping stone for Step 2, being implemented June 1, 2020. As a result, this requires you build with minimum airtightness requirements of 3ACH. Applying traditional materials such as membranes, tapes, and caulking sealants has always been the method of choice when attempting to create an airtight home; however, with the introduction of Step Code, these methods may no longer be sufficient. For new home builders, the challenge now is to balance efficiency, time, and cost in order to achieve 3ACH.

Curious how Okanagan Aero Barrier can help you achieve this? Let’s talk about how Okanagan Aero Barrier air sealing not only achieves minimum standards, but puts you – as a new home builder-ahead of the curve.

The Energy Stepcode and new home construction

With our specialized application, your home will not only meet, but exceed municipal requirements. In fact, it is possible to completely future-proof your home to Step 5 levels prescribed for the year 2030. Okanagan Aero Barrier and our method of air sealing puts new homes ahead of the curve when considering energy efficiency, and can help new home builders achieve standards surpassing the industry norm.  Learn about how air sealing with Okanagan Aero Barrier works.  

BC Energy Step Code Matrix

A full overview of the  Step Code can be found at energystepcode.ca

Our blog also dives into how the Step Code works for new home builders in the Okanagan, as well as the available rebates from Fortis BC.

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