How Aerobarrier Helps You Save Money on your Home

aerobarrier helps you save money

How Aerobarrier Helps You Save Money on your Home?

The average home loses up to 40% of conditioned air because of leaks. Aside from reducing the indoor space’s comfort level, those leaks are also responsible for forcing the heating and cooling systems to work harder than they should – leading to higher energy consumption. 

Did you know that air conditioning systems and furnaces are likely to break down when they’re overworked? You don’t want to face the burden of purchasing new equipment sooner than later. 

Conventional Ways to Seal Leaks

Homebuilders and improvement contractors have relied on caulking and expanding foam to seal air leaks. Even when both methods are effective, they come with inherent drawbacks:  

  • Caulking is messy and takes a considerable amount of time to finish. Caulking gun spreads the sealant much farther than it should, which can lead to uneven application. Furthermore,  caulking does not provide a long-term solution to sealant gaps. 
  • Expanding foam requires mixing chemicals that are toxic and unsafe for use in homes with children or pets. Another disadvantage of expanding foam is the time it takes to dry; the material needs more than a day to set and harden. 

Caulking and expanding foam are temporary solutions for sealing air leaks because they deteriorate over time, allowing even more air to escape through leaky openings. 

The conventional way is also expensive. For a large house, the cost of caulking and expanding foam may run up to thousands of dollars.

A Better Option: Aerobarrier

Aerobarrier Helps You Save Money. You can have leaks sealed quickly with Aerobarrier. Aerobarrier relies on an automated process to plug all the air leaks in a house or building instead of messy sealants or toxic adhesives. It uses a high-powered fan that can blow winds up to 40 mph.  

The pressure is strong enough to blow out the cracks, allowing the airborne sealant to find its way to the gaps. Fogging the interior with the sealant plugs the holes and effectively seals them.

How Does It Work?

Aerobarrier uses a strategy unlike any other –  it blows the sealant deep into all nooks and crannies, including wall joints and openings.  The blower ensures the sealant is blown in hard enough to penetrate deep into the cracks without causing frost or water damage. 

Sealants are made with non-toxic ingredients, so you can feel safe allowing your kids and pets around the house even after Aerobarrier has been applied.  

When compared to conventional caulking and expanding foam, Aerobarrier leaves less room for air leaks. While traditional sealants cure over time, thus leaving gaps in the long run, Aerobarrier prevents new cracks from forming by blowing airtight sealant. 

Another benefit of using the innovative solution is that it can be easily applied to just about any material.  For example, most sealants would flake and peel off when applied on brick or stucco walls, but Aerobarrier does not have this problem.  

Moreover, the blower only takes minutes to seal a single house. This is significantly faster and more cost-effective when compared to using caulking and expanding foam that requires days before they can be re-occupied.

Aerobarrier’s sealed vents also provide superior airflow through them, unlike traditional methods that leave vents open or clogged. 

The only time that Aerobarrier becomes a complicated process is during equipment setup. The blower unit is extremely loud, so you should wear earplugs if you’re on site.

Aerobarrier uses three essential equipment to seal air leaks: a blower door, pump, and aerosol spray heads (fogger). The pump and blower blow out the cracks, while the fogger delivers the sealant using high-powered sprayers. 

Is Aerobarrier Expensive?

You will be surprised to know that Aerobarrier is less expensive than caulking or expanding foam.  Although it initially costs more,  it lasts longer than these conventional products. 

The Aerobarrier system can seal and insulate up to 2500 cubic feet of surface area per hour; a single unit is more than enough for an average-sized home. It doesn’t require a constant supply of sealant. 

It uses only enough to fill the cracks and air leaks, so you will not need to replenish your supply anytime soon. The sealing process is completed within one or a couple of days, depending on the size of your home. 

With caulking and expanding foam, you need several people to help you finish the process. Since Aerobarrier is automated, it speeds up the sealing and insulation process without requiring the services of additional personnel. This is another reason why Aerobarrier helps you save money on your home.

Save Money with Aerobarrier

You’ll save money in different ways if you choose Aerobarrier over caulking and expanding foam:

  1. You can save up to $1000 on annual heating and cooling expenses. Fewer leaks equal less energy used, which means that you will have to pay less for your utility bills. Air escaping through all the leaks in a house costs homeowners money spent on heating and cooling. 
  2. A zero-leak home extends the life of your heating and cooling equipment. It means you’ll save on the cost of an early replacement. Extending the serviceable life of your furnace or air conditioning unit means less money out of your pocket.
  3. Unlike caulking and expanding foam that deteriorates over time, permanently plugging leaks using Aerobarrier is a one-time job. It won’t break down within a few years. Using Aerobarrier means you will never have to do any sealing or insulating work in the future.
  4. You can keep your energy bills down by reducing the number of times you have to replace filters in the furnace or air conditioner. Aerobarrier keeps air from escaping through gaps, so there is no need to change them.

Hire a Qualified Contractor

You need to hire a qualified, licensed Aerobarrier contractor who can help you with the installation. Be sure to ask for proof of their certification or license. 

Before hiring a contractor, make sure that they have all the equipment required for the job. Some contractors buy cheap blowers and foggers from overseas sources to cut down on costs.

Never settle for less. With the popularity of Aerobarrier helping you to save money, there’s a risk of getting ripped off by shady and fly-by-night installers.

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