Air Sealing Value In New Homes (With Free Guide)

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Using Air Sealing to Add Value in New Home Construction (With Free Guide)

New home builders in the Okanagan are always looking for new ways to add value within new home construction.

In somewhat trying times, choosing to build a new home can seem overwhelming- and so can the tasks of marketing new homes to prospective buyers.

By increasing the value of a new home through the construction phase, as well as providing options for value added incentives post build, new home builders can more effectively communicate the investment value of a new home from the get-go.

Choosing the right upgrades through the phase of construction can mean the difference between a little, or a lot of profit for the homeowners when the time comes to sell. Common upgrades that scream added value to prospective buyers are usually aesthetic. But, new home builders can effectively market the value of more underlying, structural components by:

  • Demonstrating the residual value of upgrades “from the core”
  • Demonstrating the additional profit at the end of home ownership

Value Within Homes Doesn’t Come From Only Aesthetic Upgrades

New home buyers can understand the value of upgrading aesthetic portions of their new home. For a new home builder, it is easy to market a flooring upgrade, or tile work in the bathroom.

That’s because it’s fairly straight forward to homeowners that beautiful hardwood over standard carpeting is going to fetch them extra dollars at the end of the day.

What they can’t see- literally, what they can’t see- is the more internal components of building a new home that can directly affect it’s lifetime value and it’s end selling price.

Amongst electrical upgrades, floor heating and roughed in plumbing, air sealing is an under marketed value added tool that new home builders can seriously use to wow (and convert) prospective customers.

Air Sealing Increases the Overall Value of a New Home

Effective air sealing presents a tonne of value to both new home builders, and new home buyer alike.

  • 30-70% of energy wasted in a home is wasted on heating a cooling. In most cases, air leakage is the biggest driver of energy use in a home.
  • Hot and cold spots, air drafts and other air issues in a home are typically caused by air leakage.
  • The biggest contributor to moisture problems is air leakage.

We share three ways in which it adds value for a prospective new home buyer, and how new home builders (particularly within the Okanagan) can communicate this to their markets. While traditional air sealing methods have their place, AeroBarrier air sealing in comparison remains a cutting edge technology that gets the job done at a much higher level of quality.

Bonus? There’s also a free guide to download, that you can use to hone in your marketing messaging.

Three Ways Air Sealing Boosts the Value of a Home

Air Sealing Can Reduce 80% of Air Leakage in a Building Envelope

We know- you’re thinking; what the heck is a building envelope?

We have you covered here.

With up to 80% of air leakage being controlled by air sealing technology, it really means a huge, huge chance of reducing quite a few things that end up in unhappy customers (and unhappy call backs on a Monday morning.)

Chance of 80% less condensation in the walls? Yes please.

80% chance of less mold in same walls? Even better.

But as new home builders, how can you use these stats to market value to leads?

As a new home builder, you can offer the following as value added incentives- all stemming from air sealing:

  1. Increased indoor air quality for the family. By further reducing the level of pollutants and contaminants from the outside, families can enjoy cleaner and fresher air in their home.
  2. Extra defense from bugs and critters who- YES- enter the walls and end up in your family’s home.
  3. Reduced air leakage means a more comfortable environment for families. Experience more consistency in temperature with fewer drafts- feel the warm in the winter, and the cool in the summer.
  4. Reduce the chance of mold build up by reducing moisture in walls from day one. Mold growth can be detrimental to the health of buyers and their families- and costly to eradicate.

Air Sealing Reduces Outside Noise By Up to 40%

For those looking for a little extra quiet, or looking to block out background noise in a busy neighbourhood, air sealing can act as a defense between unwanted noise and a peaceful home.

Air leakage not only lets additional sound in a home, but also assists in noise travelling throughout the entire house.
Sealing building envelopes is a huge way to counteract additional noise, but sealing windows and doors makes a huge difference as well.

With peace and quiet being a top priority of many home buyers, this can be a huge selling tool for home builders.

Air Sealing Can Save You Up to One Third on Utility Bills

Earlier, we mentioned residual savings- and utility bills are the best example we can think of.

The biggest waste of energy in a home (30-70%) is air leakage, which has a direct effect on a home’s total utility bills per month.

Utilizing AeroBarrier air sealing can save new home owners up to one third on utility bills instantly, and these savings just keep coming every month.

Over the lifetime of owning their home, new home owners could likely save thousands of dollars in utilities by proper air sealing. (In fact, we think it’s such a cool marketing tool that we cover utility savings in depth here. Interested in government rebates for new home builders and their efforts to be energy conscious? That’s here too.)

Savings on utility bills depend on which areas of the house you undergo air sealing, and the natural state of the building. New homes are prone to saving much more, as there is less to seal- and implementing airsealing during completely new home construction serves the best chance of ultimate savings.

EnergyStar shares a complete methodology on calculating just how much new home builders can save prospective buyers through AeroBarrier airsealing – nothing speaks like data and numbers, right?

In addition to energy consciousness, these savings absolutely offset the additional cost of airsealing within new home construction.

Are you a new home builder in the Okanagan looking to add value for your new constructs? We make it easy to convey the right messaging to your leads.

Download the guide.

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