Air Tight Efficiency using AeroBarrier

Edward West Luxury Homes is committed to providing its communities with sustainable and efficient construction. As official partners of Okanagan AeroBarrier, we include their game changing technology in every build.

AeroBarrier is a patented air sealing system that uses a computerized process to pressurize the building and install an aerosol-applied, acrylic sealant to seal leaks in the building enclosure from the inside. The particles deposit only at the leak sites and build to form a complete and tight seal, remaining firmly in place for years while staying completely pliable and flexible. By reducing air leaks through the building envelope, it is possible to reduce energy loss, help mitigate moisture damage, and enhance overall comfort and health of the building.

A Game Changing Solution

AeroBarrier is a convenient approach to sealing homes. It is also the only process that provides verified and guaranteed results that the air-tightness requirement have been achieved. AeroBarrier is UL GreenGuard Gold certified product and is safe to use in any type of building. With ultra-low VOC, it has no off-gassing for a truly healthy home.

We help clients improve the performance of their homes and meet any ENERGY STAR®, LEED or Net Zero requirement more consistently and more importantly, more cost-effectively than traditional envelope sealing methods.

About Author

About Author

With a true emphasis on efficient and high performance construction, Sebastian has brought innovation to markets across Canada.
Having built over 130 homes, in Southern Ontario and recently expanding to British Columbia he remains actively involved in the Canadian Home Builders Association, Solutions Labs for Step Code Implementation and all the while providing homes of the future to his communities.

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