What is Step Code?

The BC Energy Step Code is coming to Kelowna Dec 1st, 2019. Its goal is to reduce the amount of energy required by new buildings. It will also offer a range of side benefits to occupants, the environment, and the economy. However, such benefits come with a number of trade-offs. This is particularly true when it comes to meeting the more rigorous performance requirements of the Upper Steps, such as construction costs, design limitations, and increased timelines. Although, buildings built to higher energy-efficiency standards provide multiple benefits to those who live, work, and learn within them. Occupants often prefer these buildings as they:

• Improve comfort, by better managing temperature
• Improve health, by better managing fresh air throughout the building
• Reduce noise, through better insulation and airtightness
• Require less energy, helping occupants lower their energy bills
• Are more durable

The BC Energy Step Code helps communities chart a course to a future in which all of British Columbia’s new buildings will be net-zero ready by 2032. Such high performance buildings will play a key role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and helping reach our climate targets.

What does this mean for your home?

Studies have shown that high-performance homes are more comfortable and healthier, because they effectively manage temperature and fresh air throughout the building. The BC Energy Step Code puts British Columbia on a path to meet the province’s target that all new buildings must be “net-zero energy ready” by 2032. This means if you were to instal a renewable energy source to your home, you would create all the energy required to sustain your homes energy needs. Less Energy, Lower Bills. The BC Energy Step Code improves energy efficiency and lowers energy bills compared to homes and buildings with similar systems designed under the BC Building Code.

About Author

About Author

With a true emphasis on efficient and high performance construction, Sebastian has brought innovation to markets across Canada.
Having built over 130 homes, in Southern Ontario and recently expanding to British Columbia he remains actively involved in the Canadian Home Builders Association, Solutions Labs for Step Code Implementation and all the while providing homes of the future to his communities.

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