New Home Construction

Why is Aerobarrier Effective In Conserving Energy In Your Home In this post, you’ll learn what AeroBarrier is and how it can conserve energy in your home. But first, what is AeroBarrier sealant. Developed at the University of California in 2013, AreoBarrier is an air-sealing system that uses an atomized water-based sealant that seeps into […]

renovation project

A renovation project for air sealing a building or homes has never been this easy. The invention of Aerobarrier is a breakthrough for air leakage control. This flexible, pre-engineered system effectively isolates and protects your structure from the outdoors in both renovation and new construction projects. Thanks to Aerobarrier, homeowners need not spend hours meticulously

British Columbia is Canada’s Most Energy Efficient Province BC Scores The Highest for the Provincial Energy Scorecard British Columbia took the cake- and most of it – when it came to the most energy efficient province in Canada. The Provincial Energy Efficiency Scorecard is a brand new initiative; 2019 marked the first year that provinces

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