How Long Does Aerobarrier Seal Last? Aerobarrier is a revolutionary system that seals building envelope leaks using a method that’s never been done before. Its efficacy allows it to seal a leak up to half an inch in diameter – aerosol spray is used to distribute and inject the waterborne sealant into a pressurized building […]

How Does Air Leak From Your Home? Most people ignore air leaks until winter comes. It’s the time of the year when the residents feel the effects more than any other month. The most common leaks are those “drafts” in the doors and windows, but they’re not the biggest culprits of wasted energy. That title

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Even recently constructed buildings and houses fall victim to leaky envelopes. In other words, air seal continues to be a challenge to face to optimize the energy footprint. Air infiltrates the tiniest gaps on the roof, subfloor, exterior doors, walls, and other areas. Air infiltration corresponds to increased reliance on heating and cooling equipment. Although

Aerobarrier best represents the contemporary method of air sealing a building. Air sealing itself isn’t new, but the conventional approach leaves much to be desired in terms of efficiency. Instead of sealing by hand, Aerobarrier offers a more convenient technique. This new technology air seals an entire building floor or residential property for half the

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Aero Barrier Air Sealing Technology: The Future Of Air Sealing? Aero Barrier air sealing technology isn’t new, but it’s popularity didn’t really come into the light until new home builders began to realize the value of this breakthrough technology during the construction of new houses and renovations of existing homes. Is Aero Barrier air sealing

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